Casale dei Mascioni: welcoming by nature

A wedding day is a moment when two lives will come together forever and merge into a unique existence.

To seal this union, it is necessary for everything to be perfect, unique, and unforgettable.

That is why it is important for the bride and groom-to-be that the chosen location is the best setting for the culmination of this dream of love.

Our warmth and hospitality, which are in the DNA of Casale dei Mascioni, will do the trick.

This is where dreams come true, and the future takes shape

Our bride and groom and their guests will have an unforgettable experience and enjoy the Borgo to the fullest

Borgo Exclusivity

For the entire day of the event, the Borgo will be totally reserved for the bride and groom, who can choose to use each space in a completely customized way.

Capacity Halls

The White Plots Hall, the Ballroom, and the Hall of Mirrors can accommodate up to 250 people.

Access for the Disabled

The Borgo was built with the needs of everyone in mind. All services and spaces are also usable by the differently abled. We make sure no one is left out.


The parking area is divided into three levels, well screened and not visible from the park and the halls, and is managed by the Casale valet.

Casale dei Mascioni: where the ancient tradition of Campania takes on an international scope.

We shape your dream, and our structure serves as a fitting accompaniment to your love story

The Antique Casale

If we say ” Antique nineteenth-century farmhouse,” what do you think of? A historic dwelling, an antique residence surrounded by nature, restored while leaving the authentic charm of the past intact.

The history of the Casale dei Mascioni is that of the Liguori family, one of the most prestigious families in Terra di Lavoro, which, for more than a century, has been dedicated to the production and manufacturing of precious S. Leucio silk fabrics.

Each member of the Casale dei Mascioni staff puts the know-how of craftsmanship at the complete disposal of guests in a truly magical location

The Terraces

Casale dei Mascioni provides the opportunity to take advantage of its Terraces, from which it is possible to admire the rest of the Borgo and the cape in which it is immersed.

The Terrace of the Sleeping Goddess and the Terrace of the Bell Tower are available to our newlyweds as an integral part of their dream of love.

The Terrace of the Sleeping Goddess houses a cozy lounge bar overlooking another beauty of considerable natural interest: the Taburno Massif.

Its profile, when viewed from the Casale, takes the form of a supine woman with her head turned north toward the Telesina Valley and her feet placed south toward the Caudina Valley. Hence the name Sleeping Goddess of Sannio.

The Bell Tower Terrace is where the real entertainment takes shape: having stripped off the formal clothes of the ceremony, it’s time to dress in those of endless sound. Music, dancing, and drinks will be the real stars of this space where “anything is possible.”

Belvedere of the Angels

From the Belvedere, contact with nature is magical and enduring: an immense space arranged as a meadow that overlooks the Taburno valley and its infinite shades of green.

Here the gaze sweeps over the hills of Alto Casertano, where neat rows of vineyards alternate with centuries-old olive groves, a reminder of the limpid and soothing landscapes of Hackert, the official painter of Ferdinand IV Di Borbone.

The Halls

The halls of the Casale dei Mascioni are positioned as the perfect symbol of a love story, and the decor evokes the past but with one foot firmly in the present and the trends of the moment.

Tradition and innovation, roots and contemporary: a story the length of a dream!

The 3 airy and spacious rooms feature large floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light and allow a full view of the location.

They are splendid settings in which to enjoy authentic dishes made from local ingredients.

If you prefer to dine al fresco, the Forest is the quiet corner of the Borgo where you can enjoy food and drink as dusk falls over the pristine, rural landscape around you.

The Forest

Would you like to dine under the stars, around an imperial table under a ceiling of Italian lights?

Welcome to the Forest at the Casale dei Mascioni.

This cozy area features a large terrace at the foot of a centuries-old oak forest, surrounded by green spaces and equipped with many comfortable furnishings.

Here you can enjoy a wonderful outdoor dinner and toast to love.

An evening of dancing and celebration can then take place under the starry sky.

This area of the Borgo is perfect for lively parties. At Casale dei Mascioni, a wedding reception can be organized in many ways, with ample space for both the bride and groom and guests, providing a natural dance floor and various live entertainment options.

Swimming pool and park

A source of pride for the Casale, the Park offers enchanting views, intense fragrances, and colors in every season, introducing guests to an atmosphere of exquisite well-being.

Couples can start their day with an outdoor ceremony. In the beautiful gardens of the Casale dei Mascioni, you can welcome your guests in the magical atmosphere created by greenery stretching as far as the eye can see.

Once married, you can continue the outdoor celebration with a splendid cocktail party by the pool. Here you can socialize with friends, sip drinks and take unique photos that are sure to be cherished for generations to come.

A night of dancing and laughter can then take place around the outdoor pool. This area is ideal for creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The knoll of two oaks

Would you like to say “Yes, I do” right in the Borgo?

The Knoll of Two Oaks is the perfect place where you can exchange vows under the beautiful Mediterranean sun in front of your guests, surrounded by unspoiled nature.

In this enchanting area, you can celebrate your marriage ceremony in the shade of oak trees and next to a centuries-old olive grove.

The lawn area provides ample space to accommodate your guests and create the perfect atmosphere for your big day. The surrounding landscape lends an aura of magic and elegance to your wedding.

The nature and freshness that will surround you during the ceremony are the perfect combination for a fairytale event. The enchanting landscape and the beauty of nature create a romantic and evocative setting, ideal for your magical yes.