Good food is the foundation of true happiness

Our chefs love to blend and reinvent the fresh produce of our land to give substance to the desires of newlyweds.

The cuisine of Casale dei Mascioni is a constant challenge to excite the palate and senses of its guests and to match a selection of carefully sourced regional wines that are carefully chosen to match the wedding menu.

Cooking is also a love story.

Cooking is not about eating. It is much, much more. Cooking is love.

Tradition and Innovation, even at the table.

Refined and balanced, the gastronomy of Casale dei Mascioni interprets the flavors of tradition with the use of local products for dishes with a unique and appealing taste.

Nothing is impossible for our chefs!
At the Casale, all dishes are freshly prepared: the flavors remain undiminished thanks to the direct contact between the kitchens and the rooms, thus guaranteeing guests remarkable taste experiences.

Our crew offers alternative solutions and menus for guests with special needs, such as celiacs, vegetarians, and vegans, without compromising the quality of the dishes. Our chef and kitchen team are ready to prepare dishes to suit every need so that all our guests can enjoy their event to the fullest.

Food and Love: a combination of feelings and passion.

Love is like good cooking; special things always come from simple ingredients but are made magical with imagination.


Delicate and flavorful, the Casale's in-house pastry shop makes sweet creations during the banquet itself, thus preserving freshness and fragrance.

All the senses are involved: scents, colors, shapes, and flavors are passionately curated by those who love their work, highlighting beauty and goodness every time. Even the Wedding Cake, the queen of the bridal party, is designed and decorated with respect to the taste and dreams of each bridal couple.

Sweet moments

Pastry Chef our dessert buffet combines classic Neapolitan pastries with innovative and sophisticated desserts to offer a unique and refined taste experience that is also more classic and traditional. Our selection of desserts is carefully curated to ensure a wide selection of delicacies to suit all palates, making the finale of your event even sweeter.

Our Predessert is a tasty take on the traditional sorbet, prepared with high-quality ingredients to cleanse the palate and set it up for the dessert buffet. With our attention to detail and quality ingredients, Predessert serves as a signature that will perfectly complement your wedding menu.