"Welcoming by Nature," not a motto but a philosophy of life.

Your big day is fast approaching!
Our staff will help you overcome the countless challenges of organizing this special day.

Two-way communication: this is our secret

Hospitality and Care are the two magic words of every successful wedding

Every day we welcome dozens of couples-to-be, who, in addition to the story of their love, share the form
they would like to give to their dream.
In our DNA, “hospitality,” “helpfulness,” and “professionalism” are not just words but indispensable
guidelines through which we guide each couple to their special day.
Communication is also vital to us; it enhances the entire planning process and makes it possible to give
the proper essence to the organization of your event.
We know the state of stress that assails the bride and groom every day in the planning stages, which is
why we regularly update our clients on the planning process to keep them calm and ease their thoughts.

Raffaele Liguori

Raffaele Liguori

Designer by passion, CEO by mission!

With a critical eye toward spaces and their optimal arrangement, Raffaele is here to assure the bride and groom that the rooms they choose will represent the couple!
Ileana Liguori

Ileana Liguori

Wedding Manager
She has extensive experience in the wedding field and is passionate about attention to detail since - as she claims - "they are the very essence of the ceremony".

A great gift: building events tailored to the bride and groom!
Ludovica Liguori

Ludovica Liguori

Wedding Manager
When two cultures meet and converge at a wedding, Ludovica shines along with them.

Fluent in 4 languages, a great connoisseur of the world and different customs and traditions, she is able to give that international flair to every ceremony, even the most traditional ones.

Personality and trust: your event is our event

We accompany you step by step in the organization of your wedding, providing valuable cooperation and advice from professionals in the field. From floral decorations to musical entertainment and photography, you will receive the assistance you need to jumpstart planning every detail.

Ileana and Ludovica, young managers and experts in the Wedding industry, lead the staff and nurture relationships with clients, creating an empathy that is the fundamental prerequisite for the success of any ceremony. They interpret the taste of each married couple by listening carefully to their story, dreams, desires, and expectations. This is how bespoke ceremonies are created, with decor settings, arrangements, thematic corners, buffets, and dessert tables that speak, in a unique and original way, of the love story that is being celebrated.